Services 服务
Services 服务 / services %e6%9c%8d%e5%8a%a1

Written translation 笔译

Advertisements 广告
Articles 文章
Brochures 商品说明小册子
Business cards 名片
Catalogues 目录
Certificates 证书
Illustrations 插图
Legal documents 法律单证
Letters 信件
Manuals 手册
Newsletters 新闻信
Report 报告
Slides presentation 幻灯片演示
User’s guide 用户指南
Web sites 网站

Interpretation 口译

Business interpretations: 商务口译

Conferences, meetings, telephone calls, business negotiation.

Public sector interpretations: 公共部门口译

            Public service agencies, the health care industry, courts and social service agencies.

Media interpretations: 媒体口译

Voiceovers, television broadcasts, video productions, performances and other audio-based work.
      画外音,电视广播,录像制作,演出 ,等。
Spoken language has two ways of interpretation:

Consecutive interpretations 连续口译


Simultaneous (or real time) interpretations 同声(实时)传译

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