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            I’m going to start posting types of documents that I had to translate until now. There is no secret that standards documents are translators favorite type of work J so I’m going to share some of them, of course I’m going to present only the typical document, not personal info from them.
So I’m going to start with basic documents like formal letters, as for example Business Letter of Invitation商务邀请函 and Business Letter of Inquiry 商务咨询信.
There are some basic steps in writing a business letter of invitation.所以请注意:)
1。邀请的对象 – The big WHO? Basically: the guest.
Optional!  本公司简介 – Brief introduction of the company.
2。邀请和发出邀请的原因– The invitation and the reason.
Optional! 邀请参加的活动间接 – Brief introduction of the activity itself.
3。时间,地点等细节 – Time, Place, etc.
4。表达邀请能被接受的原因 – Ends with the hope that the invitation can be accepted.
5。结语 – Closing, usually very formal.
So these are the most important parts of a letter of invitation and now I’m going to post a sample of a General Business Letter.
Dear Sir/Madame,
We would like to invite your Corporation to attend the _______________which will be held from _____ to ______ at the following address: _______. Full details of the ______ will be sent in a week.
We look forward to hearing from you soon, and hope that you will be able to attend.
                                                                                    Yours faithfully
This is a very general, without too many details letter. The time, place, schedule or even details regarding the event itself can be added. This way you can personalise the invitation and make it more interesting.
The Chinese version:
            我们想请贵公司参加于——– ——-举办的第——。地质如下:——-。我们将于一周内奇发—–的详情。希望不久收到您的回复,望您能来参加。

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