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Business Letter of Invitation

            I’m going to start posting types of documents that I had to translate until now. There is no secret that standards documents are translators’ favorite type of work J so I’m going to share some of them, of course I’m going to present only the typical document, not personal info from them. […]

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Why should we be careful when choosing our interpreter?

Why should we be careful when choosing our interpreter? What is oral interpretation?                         Oral interpretation is communication for the two persons who do not speak the same language. An interpreter works as a bridge between them when they want to get their ideas across to each other. Oral interpretation is both skill and […]

Services 服务

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Facebook closing?

The widespread rumour today that Facebook would be closing forced the popular social network to officially refute the rumor.网路今天盛传脸书(Facebook)要关闭,迫使这个超人气社交网站出面辟谣,否认这项传闻。Source:Yahoo新闻http://tw.news.yahoo.com/article/url/d/a/110110/19/2kkdu.html

China bans foreign language in Chinese publications

China prohibits the use of foreign language and neologisms in publications: The Chinese Press and Publication Administration sent out a notification requiring that Chinese publications refrain from inserting and using foreign words and neologisms. Scholars have questioned the action.中国禁止出版物中夹带外语和生造词汇: 中国新闻出版总署下发通知,要求在汉语出版物中禁止随意夹带使用外文单词及生造词汇。学者质疑这一举措。Source:BBC 中文网http://www.bbc.co.uk/zhongwen/simp/china/2010/12/101221_chinese_language.shtml

 ALINA ELENA SEROTA F 13.06.1986                                                          Address:  Braila, Romania Phone +40744221926 (Romania) E-mail: serota_alina@yahoo.com Web: www.chinesetrads.blogspot.com Nationality: Romanian Authorized translator for Chinese and French WORK EXPERIENCEFreelace translator  2010-PRESENT INTERPRETER 10.01.2011; 25.01.2011 City Square Center Bucharest […]