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Facebook closing?

The widespread rumour today that Facebook would be closing forced the popular social network to officially refute the rumor.网路今天盛传脸书(Facebook)要关闭,迫使这个超人气社交网站出面辟谣,否认这项传闻。Source:Yahoo新闻http://tw.news.yahoo.com/article/url/d/a/110110/19/2kkdu.html

China bans foreign language in Chinese publications

China prohibits the use of foreign language and neologisms in publications: The Chinese Press and Publication Administration sent out a notification requiring that Chinese publications refrain from inserting and using foreign words and neologisms. Scholars have questioned the action.中国禁止出版物中夹带外语和生造词汇: 中国新闻出版总署下发通知,要求在汉语出版物中禁止随意夹带使用外文单词及生造词汇。学者质疑这一举措。Source:BBC 中文网http://www.bbc.co.uk/zhongwen/simp/china/2010/12/101221_chinese_language.shtml

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